About us

About Us

Supplied Solutions was established more than 10 years ago to provide the Australian market with access to advanced hardened industrial communication and networking equipment. Through its long term partnership with MOXA Inc. Supplied Solutions has consistently delivered world class products and solutions that are certified for a wide variety of applications.

Supplied Solutions has grown to become the most highly experienced and technically capable industrial networking supplier in Australia. With a focus on innovative products, a high level of technical expertise and a commitment to customer service and responsiveness, Supplied solutions is the first choice for all your advanced communications and networking needs.

With the Recent aquisition of Supplied Solutions by Colterlec Pty.Ltd we are able to Provide more Moxa outlets and expertise Australia wide. Its business as usual at Supplied Solutions and we look forward to continuing our business will all our valued customers either direct or via your local Colterlec office.

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